• How long does it take for BBTV to produce a video?
    This depends on the complexity and length of the production. The process is split into 3 steps, pre-production; the organising of people, locations etc., production; the filming of the action and post-production; the editing of all the visual and audio elements. For a small production like a web movie, production and post-production would take about 3 to 4 days.
  • Do I need permission from the people who will appear in the video?
    It’s a good idea to get permission from anyone who features prominently in the video, but we are usually allowed to film people in public places without their permission.
  • Are there clothes which are not suitable for video?
    It’s good to avoid spots and stripes, black and white. If you are being recorded against green screen, you cannot wear any shade of green or khaki.
  • Do I need 240v power sockets near where we are filming?
    We are able to light most scenarios with LED lights with inbuilt batteries. Occasionally we may have to light a large area, such as a factory and will need mains power supply.
  • Can you film in the rain?
    Yes, if we can protect the camera lens from rain with an umbrella, gazebo etc. It’s usually only worth it if the production needs rainy shots.
  • Can I use popular music in my video?
    No! We need to obtain a license for any music used in video productions, TV ads etc. Licensing well known music is possible but expensive and illegal use can result in huge fines. We usually use music obtained from music libraries at reasonable costs. If you have your own composed music, which is your copyright, you may of course use this.
  • Will I be able to make changes to the video?
    Professional as we are, we recognize that most clients will want to make a few changes. We supply a first cut version for you to approve and welcome any advice on changes. It’s your video and we want it to fulfil your brief 100%.
  • How will I receive the video?
    Most people are happy to receive the video by transfer over the internet. We can encode it to your required format and size, depending on usage. We can also supply it on DVD and USB memory stick at a small extra charge.
  • What if I want to update the video in the future?
    The edited video is kept in our archives and can be re-edited at a future date. Costs will depend on how much work is involved.
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